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  • 93 Katana Tires

    Need some advice with a 93 Katana. About to replace the tires. Bike currently has Metzler ME55A Metronic tires, 150/70VB17 V250 on the rear and a 110/80V17 V250 on the front. Should I stay with this size, can a radial tire be used or should I stay with the bias tire? If so what brand would you recommend?


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    I run the Metzler M1s. You can runa radial with no problems. You can got to a 110/70 or a 120/70 on the front. Everyone will tell you to stay with a 150/70 on teh rear but you can run a 160/60 as long as the sidewalls taper in. Bridgestones do not taper in enough for a 3.5 inch rear rim. I have been running a 160/60 for the last 7 years with no problems what so ever. I also run a 120/60 up front as well. I would say look for Conti Road Attacks, Metzler MEZ6 tires Pirelli Stradas. Those are sport touring tires and you will get good mileage out of those.


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      Why a 120/60 on the front? What is the benefit?