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    my oil light came on when i first started the bike. i just changed the oil and im not to sure where to start to figure out why its on. i just adjusted the valves could something have happened when i did that? where do i start? any help would be nice.

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    I think when you changed the oil it caused an air bubble in the oil line or rail , for a second it had no oil press because of the bubble.
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      Does it stay light after the bike starts? It is normal for it to come on when you turn the ignition to "on" but it should go out a second or two after you start the bike. It can take a couple of seconds longer to go out after an oil change but it should still go out relatively quickly once the engine is started.

      I would check the pressure sensor (underneath the ignition rotor); something could have happened when you were rotating the engine during the valve adjustment. Make sure the wired connection is tight.
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