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How much Techron?

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  • How much Techron?

    I picked up a bottle of Techron and on the back it said Techron treated up to 12 gals of gas. (i think it was 12 gals, correct me if I'm wrong) The Kat has a 5.3 gal (USA) tank so should I only used half a bottle or the whole thing?

    Also would it be better to use Techron right before my next oil change or after? The reason why I ask is because I just had the oil changed about 3 weeks ago and have about 600 miles on that oil so far.

    The bike runs great once it warms up but it is running a little rough during cold starts, something it did not do last fall when I put it up for the winter. The bike is an 06 kat 600.

    Thanks for the help anyone can give me!

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    Techron is great, along w/ sea foam too. You can use 1/3 of the bottle for 3 fill ups. I also have had some cold issues and then found that shell gas does wonders for the bike, especially cold starts and warm ups
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      If you want to keep the same ratio, you could take the volume of the bottle and divide it by 12 gallons; this should give you a ratio of techron to 1 gallon. For example, if the bottle is 32 fl. oz. you would have roughly 2.66 fl oz. per gallon of fuel. I don't imagine you would be in any peril if you used half the bottle.
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        There is a shell station about a mile from me so the next time I go for a ride I will top the tank off with some shell gas and see how it goes.

        What about my other question, should I use the Techron before or after an oil change and why?


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          I've heard that the techron can flash out of the tank after a while, so I usually dump half a bottle in then go ride the wheels off.

          Although I will admit to having dumped an entire bottle in the 5 gallon tank....

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            If your trying to correct a carb issue with Techron then run a strong mix of it. If your just doing it for maintenance then run a weak mix. It is a burnable fuel but it burns slower than regular grade gas and will possibly make your Kat a little sluggish.
            Also of note is Chevron at least used to use the recommended ratio of Techron in their premium grade fuel (I think they still do). So save your money and just run premium every once in a while. And 76 uses their formulation of cleaner in all grades of their fuel. So if you use their regular fuel it will keep your carbs in as good of condition as running a fuel cleaner would.