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Deal of the year on Castrol Power 1 GPS (only avail. in Oz)

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  • Deal of the year on Castrol Power 1 GPS (only avail. in Oz)

    So I rang the Castrol dealer in Murwillumbah the other day to get a price on 4 litres of Power 1 GPS. Spoke to the female store manager.

    Worked out at $79.99 which is high but CP confirmed it as about equivalent of what you guys pay. So I saved up my pennies and popped in their this morning.

    Guy there minding the shop for himself. Nice as pie but you could tell straight away as intelligent as a sack of hammers when it came to sales or admin style work.

    Takes him 5 mins to find and then to pull up the 4 litre bottle on his computer inventory and it reads $46.93. It's the wholesale price. I can see it from where I'm standing. He asks if I want to pay by cash or credit.

    I casually ask him how many bottles he has. He's got four out back. I tell him to gimme all four and I'll pay cash, no receipt needed, cos I work long hours and might not get a chance to pop back in anytime soon.

    So I'm stoked at the oil deal of the century. I hope it's good!

    On another note, we got talking about bikes which he was pretty smart about and he says that the oil is good for 10,000kms between changes and not to worry about changing every 5000kms. What are you thoughts on this?