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#1 not firing properly

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  • #1 not firing properly


    i just installed ivans jet kit and sync my carbs. when i took it for a spin i found the bike to have less HP and didnt have a "kick" to it.

    heres what i did.

    1. clean the carbs
    2. clean the jet.
    3. check all the wirings
    4. check the vaccuum line from the tank.

    and still after 10 minutes of riding #1 exhaust is cold

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    spark plugs??
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      the plug is brand new just put in 1-2 weeks ago.


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        is the bike stored outdoors - i found that number 1 on a few of my bikes was a bit dodgy - when it rains and the bikes on a sidestand all the water runs to cylinder 1 - ive found in the past that the rubber cap on top has failed and theres a nice cup of water in there - now you run the risk that if you unscrew the plug all that water goes straight inside number 1 - so go to your bathroom and steal your missus tampons - seriously though dont let heer catch you - that could be hard to explain
        now put the tampon down the sparkplug tunnel and whallah - these things drink like its going out of fashion, now your plug holes are all dry

        do you find number 1 runs a liitle less than the other 3 untill she gets warmed up - i had this on my gsxr sometimes she would fire up on 2 3 and 4 and then 1 would kick in when it got warmed for some reason - same on my old zephyr too

        also check the wires on the coils - ive had 1 come loose or become corroded and stop firing
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          You musta did it wrong . Seriously dude , with ANY jet kit , it should be better unless you messed somteihng up . Seriously , it happens .
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            problem solved!

            thanks guys.

            solution: i just unplugged and rewired all the wires. i guess there was something not attached properly.

            bike is running great and definitely more pull to it