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Devil Exhaust on a Kat ?

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  • Devil Exhaust on a Kat ?

    Would installing a Devil Shotgun exhaust be more of a pain than its worth on a Kat? would it look outta place if it's possible? I board friend of mine has it on her gsxr, but said it was a totally pain in the arse to install...

    I really love the look of it, and says they are still working on putting up the info on their website about it, so i dont know much about it other than that, how it would actually look, etc.

    If the shotgun won't work, I'll probably just go for the single can slip on.

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    Man, that's cool looking. Bet it sounds great too. I'd do it if it was available....and chromesque.
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      yeah, the site shows that they have it, but there is nothing on the website, and last time I called, I got a rep who didnt know anything about im alittle confused on it.

      i would imagine it would work on a kat, and definately would look & sound sweet as hell. I'll try again tomorrow, see what they say..