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No Power anywhere, help needed.

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  • No Power anywhere, help needed.

    Hi Everyone,

    Quick description of the issue: I'm having an issue getting my 2006 Kat 600 running. I had a battery from last year that was dead, I went to my local CT to get it charged, brought it home and when I tried to install I got a really big spark. After that I had no power at all anywhere.

    I figured it was an issue with the battery so I figured why really put up with the headaches for a year old battery, I'm lazy (sorry), and bought a new one. The shop gave it a full charge and everything, brought it home this morning, installed and again I have absolutely no power anywhere. No clock, light, nothing. I brought it back to the shop to make sure that it was not an issue with the battery, they checked it and it was fine.

    So obviously, it's my bike at this point.

    I found this thread:, yay search, which suggests I might also have the same issue with a main fuse (as I saw a large spark the first go around) but that bike is a 2000, does my 2006 have this same 30 AMP main fuse? If so do I also locate it by following the positive wire back? Any directions on finding this sucker would be appreciated.

    Furthermore, if that does not turn out to be the problem, can anyone give me a rundown list of other things to check. I'm not terribly mechanically inclined but I have some common sense and can try to get around the bike without blowing it up.

    Just trying to avoid an expensive tow service back to the shop.

    Cheers and thanks in advance for any help everyone.

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    You never have to apologise for being lazy.


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      make sure you have the red battery cable attached to + terminal on battery
      check main fuse , same location on 06
      Blood , its in you to give!