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Charging system on 88 gsx600

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  • Charging system on 88 gsx600

    I just bought a new battery about a week ago, killed in last night trying to start the bike with bad plugs, charged it, then installed new plugs. The bike fired right up and i let it idle for a bit then jumped on it to get new tires put on. Bike died at a red light about 8 miles up the road and would not start. Some one helped me push it and pop the clutch, but that would not fire it up. My buddy came and jumped it for me; It started right up but died a few minutes later. Did that about 5 times and bike would not keep running no matter if i revved it or rode it. What could this be? A bad charging system?

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    search "manual"
    there it tells you step by step how to diagnos the charging system
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