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Where does the throttle cable connect?

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  • Where does the throttle cable connect?

    Okay, this is the stupid question for the day. I had to pull the carbs off my 1989 Kat 1100. Fixed the missing e-clip problem, re-assembled carbs, put them on, hooked up the choke cable to the slider bar.

    Now, can NOT for the life of me figure out where the little barrel end of the throttle cable connects to the carbs. I can see where the threaded part threads into the center carb body but not where the end should terminate. Pictures would be great but even a general description of where to find the attachment point at the carbs would be greatly appreciated.

    I searched through 392 threads on here and didn't find anything and the picture in the service manual doesn't show any detail. Help please?


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    Should be directly below it. it will be a hole in a brass piece. the hole will look similar to that on your clutch lever.

    How about take a picture of what you got so we can show you where it is.

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      Gave up for the night

      Thanks Bar,

      I've given up for tonight. I'll take and post pictures tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!



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        It's much easier to put the cable on before you mount the carb's to the boots.


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          It connects (most likely) through the center of the rack, between #3 and #4.

          Attach the end of the cable to the "pull" bracket, then thread the end onto wherever it attaches.

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            Thanks. Got it. I did end up pulling the carbs off to get it in. What a PITA! I'm almost home. Thanks again.