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help, bike dies

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  • help, bike dies

    I realize its not a Kat but the people on here are so knowledgeable about bikes I figured I would get better responses than anywhere else. My bike is a 2005 Yamaha r6. It is fuel injected and currently has a pc3 installed.

    Happened first on Sunday. I pulled to a stop light, it died but started right back up. Then did same thing when I got to a parking spot. I figured I was nearly out of gas so I gased up. No problems until this morning. I ride all the way to work(about 15 minute ride) and as I'm pulling into the parking lot, it dies. I try to start it and it won't fire. I give it some throttle and it starts and stays running enough for me to go the last 100 foot into a parking space. As soon as I let go of the throttle, it dies. I have had it for 2 months and have not had any problems until now. What do I do?

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    I would start by eliminating the easy stuff first. Check your clutch switch, it sounds like everytime the bike dies the clutch is involved. Also check your sidestand switch, make sure it's not jostling around and losing connection when you hit a bump.

    Next step after that is looking for a wiring problem. The 2003's had issues with the coils I think, might be worth checking out? Also battery connections and kill switch.
    90% of motorcycle forum members do not have a service manual for their bike.

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    I love how the most ignorant people I have met are the ones that fling the word "ignorant" around like it's an insult, or poo. Maybe they think it means poo
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    but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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      Basing this completely off car FI as I never messed with fi on a bike. On a car I would suggest TPS or throttle position sensor or as simple as a vacuum leak.
      Must read for carb tuners......


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        I think it sounds like the bike is having trouble getting gas to the motor so you could try to clean out you fuel system