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Now I broke the engine idle

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  • Now I broke the engine idle

    If it's not one thing it's another!

    Last weekend I replaced the sprockets and chain, oil and oil filter, and rear pads. Also adjusted the clutch cable slightly (at the gearbox end as well as handlebars, following the instrcutions from the manual very carefully).

    So, all that worked great, bike rides much better and quieter. But it will not idle properly. Prior to the weekend, the idle was fine, sat at about 1100 rpm in any conditions. Now though it can't make up its mind whether to sit around 1800 or drop below 1000 and stall. It doesn't really bounce around, just each time I come off the gas it will either keep racing or stall. Seems to be slightly worse when warmed up. If I come to a stop and rev it with the clutch in it will generally settle to about 1500 and stay there but a few times I have had to hold the revs up with the throttle.

    I don't really have the facilities to do too much with the carbs myself, any recommendations of simple things to check or should I book it into the mechanic?

    Thanks as ever.


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    Mine does the same stinkin' thing. Likely a vacuum leak somewhere along the line. These CV carbs are ultra sensitive to internal pressure. I have yet to find what's causing mine. I've replaced just about every piece of rubber having to do with the intake and carburation system with no joy. Had the carbs apart twice, soaked the pilots over night in Seafoam twice and thoroughly inspected and blew them out with compressed air. Sealed all the airbox boot joints with Permatex on both sides. I'm growing to hate these carbs. I have the exact carb (singular) on my DR 350 and it's not half as sensitive as trying to run 4 of them in sequence.

    Good luck mate, hope it goes better than mine. I guess I'll just live with it and hope somehow it eventually goes away.


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      have you checked your plugs? If the rpm's aren't really bouncing around, the bike may be running too lean, causing your rpm's to "hang up", check the color of your plugs
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        put some seafoam in the gas that will help with the carbs and the plugs . thats how i fixed mine . now i put it in every other fill up " about2 oz. will do


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          The occasional Seafoam in the tank is not a bad idea, as it should help with both stabilizing the gas and keeping the jets clean. I'm not sure it would help much with vacuum leaks, though.


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            If the carbs are already in good shape , and the gas gets topped off at least every few weeks or so , you're wasting your time/money on the Seafoam .
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              Heh, my tank goes from full to empty with just two trips to work, so I fill it 2.5 times a week - more if I go rideouts at the weekend.

              I'm thinking my next bike will have shaft drive and fuel injection...

              Cheers all,