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chain nightmare continues

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  • chain nightmare continues

    About a month ago I threw the crap chinese chain that the dealer installed last year, so I went out and picked up a new chain the other day finally, lesson learned... this one is a D.I.D

    so I pulled the plastic off and opened up the bike and I found the aluminum casing over the front sprocket has the upper bolt mount broken and there is another crack as well.

    Now I am questioning if the dealer that did the chain last year possibly crack it when the did the chain or if it might have broken when the chain exited last month?

    Anybody have any ideas on if I can get a replacement of this part?

    Would I be able to get this from a recycler in my area?

    What should it be worth?

    bike is a 2000 600cc

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    Pictures would be useful in describing what parts are broken, and where.

    It's likely that if you threw a chain, that caused the damage.

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      it is possible that the chain did the damage

      search OEM parts at that will give you a pretty good idea of what a new on is worth in US$

      the only bike wrecker in ontario that I know of is

      good luck
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        PM CHutch. He had exactly the same issue a few weeks ago, and he did the necessary repairs. He can tell you what to do, and where to get parts.

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          You might try Zdeno's to see if they have anything, or ebay. I'm guessing when the chain went it did the damage.


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            find the cheepest price you can then take it to your local stealership, they will usually beat the price, and the shipping.. atleast out here.. is free.. good luck with that
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              Yeah , it's MOST likelyu that if your chain bailed while in motion , it cracked some stuff under the sprocket cover . One of the holes for the center bolt is almost ALWAYS gone on Kats where the chain left early . Mine is .
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