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Replace Ignition Question

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  • Replace Ignition Question

    First off I apologize if I missed the thread for how to replace the ignition. I know some people get upset if someone reposts. I've searched and couldn't find anything that I was looking for. I was wondering if their is a step by step procedure on here of how to replace the ignition. I followed the one for the carburetors and it was awesome! I have a 1999 Katana 600. I had it at a shop about 6 months ago and they tried to rip me off. I had them deliver it back to my house. They forgot the key. They were supposed to bring it back later. I finally gave up on them bringing it and went to pick it up but the shop was gone along with my only key. I only had the bike a couple of weeks when I had to take it to the shop so I didn't get to make a copy of the key. Paid a locksmith to come make a key and he couldn't for the ignition but he made one for the gas tank. So if anyone would mind giving me some help I would greatly appreciate it.

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    the gas tank and the ignition are the same key. What locksmith ****tard did you call? The key code is on the under side of the switch. 2 T-40 tamper proof torx bits take that off.


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      I found out later from the guy I bought it from that the ignition switch had been changed a long time ago, before he got it. Their were two different keys. The locksmith couldn't find a blank that would fit in the ignition. Thanks for the help arsenic.


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        Them blanks are a little tough to come by sometimes when you don't know whom to call .....
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          Thanks arsenic for the help. I got the T-40 bit in on Friday and got it swapped out. I really appreciate your help.


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            Hi guys, newbie here.
            I lost the key of my gf's 1994 katana 600 and I was sure I was gonna be able to easily remove the ignition, but I was wrong. I searched the site and came upon 3-4 threads talking about how to remove the switch, but since English is not my first language I'm not to sure to understand. The screws that hold the switch in place are torx, right? T-40. I don't have to ''punch'' the screws in order to take them out? the screws are t-40's, right?
            thanks for the help guys