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  • Oil Pan/Drain Plug

    I changed the oil in my '02 600 last night, and I believe that I may have over-torqued the drain plug. I noticed it last night, when i went to give it one last turn, and felt like it still had siome room to move.

    I checked the bike this afternoon, and found a 2" diameter oil spot of the ground. I frlt the plug, and it had a little oil on it. I know that it's not from the change, because I wiped everything down after Iwas done.

    If I over-torqued the bolt, do I need to replace the whol oil pan or can I get a rubber o-ring to put on the bolt to seal the small gap? If that won't work, then I may need a new oil pan. If so, does anyone have a bike that they are parting out, how much for the pan, what year would fit and does it make a difference if it's a 600 or 750?

    Thanks for all that can help.

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    One of the most common user errors here on the board.

    If you over torqued the bolt.. Search for "stripped oil pan" and see how to fix it.
    You may be lucky in that you just need a new crush washer. The washer that goes between the bolt and the pan... You do have one right?


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      Black Peter,

      Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I don't have a new washer. I'm in Japan, but I'm sure that I should be able to find one.
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        You can find the washer easy enough at either an oil change place , bike dealer , or Honda dealer . Say , they got Honda dealers in Japan ?
        Just take the old washer with you to make sure you get the right size . If you're NOT lucky , you'll either have to drill/re-tap the old old pan & use a larger bolt , try a Keen-sert , or get another pan .
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          Originally posted by SlimFiveC View Post
          Black Peter,

          Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I don't have a new washer. I'm in Japan, but I'm sure that I should be able to find one.

          Hell walk over to suzuki and pick one up off the parts inventory bin.
          Must read for carb tuners......


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            you can also have the pan heli coiled, previous owner stripped mine so I got it heli coiled at local shop.


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              I had the same issue lately, except it wasn't me who reefed the plug and they cracked my pan. Since then it's been repaired. PM Cyber Poet and see about getting a Fumoto valve. I can't use mine at the moment, but I plan on another Kat and I'll keep it til then.
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                First day I got my first bike, the guy I had chg my oil stripped mine! I didn't know until I noticed the small stain of oil under the bike. I ended up getting a new oil pan and Fumoto valve..... works great and oil chgs take me like 20 min now!

                Now I'm dealing with the issue of my spark plug hole being stripped, not good. Prob gonna try to heli-coil that one tho...
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                  I posted the solution(s) to this in the Kat Wiki when someone else asked me about it last week:

         [Wiki Entry: Oil Pan (stripped threads)]. You can also find it by simply entering "Oil Pan" and following the link there

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