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How much does your local shop charge?

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  • How much does your local shop charge?

    I called my local shop about a tire change yesterday and they raised their hourly rates to 85 and hour I told them to **** off and called around until I found another shop that would mount for 23 a piece. Just curious, has anyone else experienced your shop raising rates?

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    my shop (well not the one i went to but the one right near my house) charged 85 an hour..then upped it to 100 and hour......then closed lol. the only local shop here is 90 an hour. RIP OFF!!! and they have a horrible reputation. thats why i drive up to alabama when i need somthing big done lol
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      the place i go it's like 30 bucks for a tire mounting
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        I suppose it depends if the wheels are on or off the bike.
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          Wheels on the bike, my local dealer does $100 a set.

          Wheels off, $50
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            30 a tire,


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              Originally posted by squiggy View Post
              I suppose it depends if the wheels are on or off the bike.
              Yeah, I agree. But here is the kicker...1 hour min. Charge no matter what they are doing.


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                Wheels on the bike = $50

                Wheels off the bike = $free mounting (cost of tyre only)


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                  The shop I used here closed.

                  I guess in the future I'll just time my tire needs with trips to deals gap and throw Wheeler the money.

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                    The two shops around me want $120 a set if the tires are still on the bike.
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                      $20 mount and balance for wheel off bike (if it is a new tire and you didn't buy from them it goes up a little)

                      free to take tire off of rim (for polishing)

                      Rate is $60/hour for service.
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                        $60 or so.