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93 Katana Won't Idle

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  • 93 Katana Won't Idle

    I recently cleaned and assembled carburetors that were partially dissassembled and with parts missing (I purchased the missing pieces and was assuming that the carbs were complete until I noticed the brass fitting mentioned below). Checked all the orifices and pin holes, everything is cleaned. The carbs are back on the bike but it won't idle. It starts and runs using starting fluid but will not continue to run on its own. My manual shows two versions of carburetors, standard ones and California models that have the evaporative emission control system. There's a hole in the casting next to the idle adjust needle on the bottom of the carburetor. The pictures in the book (see attachment), show a brass tube on each carb extending down, which is probably where the emissions hoses connect. Mine don't have this tube. Trying to look at this logically, I'd assume that Suzuki wouldn't cast separate carbs for the California market only, (could be wrong of course). Any chance I could be losing vacuum through these holes? The bike revs up fine and sounds good, so I don't think its valve adjustment, spark plugs, etc. Must be a carb issue, thanks for the help in advance.
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    If you're 190% sure all the tiny holes are clean, and you have the FA screw assembled right. (I have rebuild my carbs many times and paid very close attention to the FA screws, and the last time I took them apart I found on set up wrong!) The screw first gets the spring, then the washer, then the oring. The o-ring must be in good shape too. Not too squashed or nicked.

    I would plug up those ports I guess. I don't know what they do..


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      Mine (on a 750) don't have those tubes, either. Gotta be some Cali-Cr@p. Throw some plugs on them and see what you get.
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        Throw small holes in the brass plugs are supposed to be there, if you lived in cali you would have the down tubes coming from there but don't worry about those. If the bike won't stay running after it's started it may be a vaccuum issue yes, but you also have some other issues apparently. If it was just a vaccuum issue your bike would most likely start but idle erraticaly. Like black peter said, check your A/F screws, and make sure you're getting proper fuel delivery.
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