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Ignition coils, both sides the same?

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  • Ignition coils, both sides the same?

    May be a stupid question.. I've got two different model numbers for cylinder 1/3 2/4 or however it goes.... Should it be like that? I noticed going to they list two different part numbers... is that just a gimmic, or am I running with wrong stuff?

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    I cant think of any reason they should be two part numbers.. I suppose they could be "handed"
    In that the left won't fit on the right.
    But there is not functional reason for left and right..


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      weird, so now i've at least found one more thing rigged on this damn bike. i WISH i knew what i was looking for when i bought it, haha. so now both sides of the coils are the same number... number on the coil itself. hmm. it wouldn't surprise me if they had one of each left, so they decided to stick em on. i think the bike was an entire rig job.