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93 600 kat, carbs, tank & hose questions

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  • 93 600 kat, carbs, tank & hose questions

    Working on friends 93 600 katana. This bike was a california model ( only thing left is the fan near the left footpeg). I've searched this sight and found the correct routing for the hoses( I think) but just want to hear the comments on the way this thing is set up. Current condition is: The carbs do not have the hoses( no place to connect) on the bottom of the float bowls as the parts picture shows, just the drain screws. The small megaphone looking cap with clip is missing from top of the #2 carb. The #4 carb vaccum nipple is covered with a red sleeve. No overflow hoses connected to the "t's" between 1/2 but 3/4 carb had the hose running back to the big curved fuel nipple on the bottom of the tank. The hose nipple behind the petcock has a hose routed to the nearest hose nipple on the tank. No hose on the fuel sending unit. This thing has K&N direct mount or pods? airfilters( No BOX). So , any reason for this setup? Any of this done because of no air box and using K&N filters. So if there's not a good reason for any of this I'll route a hose from back of the petcock to the #4 carb, replace the cap on top of #2 carb and attach drain hoses on all the other connections? Sorry for the long post.

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    Any chance of getting a picture? My head hurts trying to visualize what you're describing. There have never been hoses on the float bowls, that much I'm sure of.
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      Hang on and I'll get some pics, the hoses coming out the bottom are #39 on the carb schematic marked as CA only, so the carbs have been changed out.


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        Originally posted by RossW View Post
        There have never been hoses on the float bowls, that much I'm sure of.
        uuummm...Cali carbs, yes there are.


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          A caveman had this camera before I got it, so images not too clear. I think the deal with the hose on the curved tank nipple was my friend connected it by mistake, the tank had been off for 2 years so I bet he forget where it went.
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            Port coming off the back side of the petcock should have a hose on it to the currently red plugged port on the side of carb 4, but I guess you could use the top of carb 2 that is missing the cap. That is probably where they had it prior for some reason. My cali model used the port caped with the red cap.

            The two ports on the bottom of the actual gas tank do not need to be plugged into anything, but can just drop along the right side of the bike to the bottom.

            The 2 top ports between the carbs should have hoses that also do not need to be plugged into anything else and drop between down to the bottom of the bike as vents.

            The 2 bottom ports between the carbs are the fuel ports, and 1 hose each off the petcock "left and right" should be plugged onto those. It does not matter which side goes to which port.

            Pick up an airbox, ditch the K&N. When you do, there should be a port off the top of the engine, center, that plugs into the top of the airbox. Bottom side of the airbox hose is clamped off.

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              Krey, THANKS! your post was just what I was looking for..confirmation that none of this was needed due to the bike being a cali model at one time. Going to fixer up just like you posted