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Not firing on #3-

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  • Not firing on #3-

    90 katana 600. Yoshi pipe.

    I went through the carbs, twice, and had to get all new Orings and gaskets for them. i also tossed the k@n pod filters in the trash and bought a airbox. After a new batt she starts right up but seems rough. I felt for heat on the pipes and number 3 is not firing. Pulled the plug and it is a little wet not bad. It has spark all over. switched plugs same thing. Drove aroung the block no difference. Number 3 still cool to the touch. Carb has gas in the bowl. Motor seems to go when on the throttle. I have never drove the bike so I have nothing to compare to. I have not synced the carbs because of this problem. Do I take the carbs off again? Pilot jet problem? Low compression? I have a comp tester but I need to get an adapter to the small plug size. Thanks for any help!

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    pilot jet would be my guess


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      These carbs are a pain. I have been searching threads and it always comes back to the carbs messed up. Thanks arsenic, I'm going to pull them right now!


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        yeah, if you don't do them all the time they are a pain. For me, not a pain


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          Arsenic, it was a dirty pilot jet. It works the best it has so far! One more question for ya, when I'm in second gear, and hit the gas, it seems to jump out of gear and back in. If that makes sense. Not like the clutch is slipping, it hits hard. The PO put a new shifter fork in because he lost 2nd. gear. Is there an adjustment? Its kinda like shifting without the clutch. Thanks again. Its almost there!


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            no, that makes perfect sense. If he put a new shift fork in, what about the second drive gear itself? And the second driven gear? The shift fork is just the begining. The gears go too.


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              The engagement dogs on the 2nd gear set are likely rounded off, bured and need to be replaced.
              My advice would to be skip 2nd gear as mush as possible, just shift from 1st to 3rd until you get it fixed
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                Those pilot jets get you every time.. Use half the carb cleaner on those.. The other half on the 99 other parts!