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Fuel Tank removal

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  • Fuel Tank removal

    1993 Katana 600

    Is there a way to turn off the fuel petcock? Without draining the tank, the gas will start coming out when I pull the fuel lines correct?

    Just looking for a way to minimize the fuel spillage.
    1993 Kat 600 & 1999 Kat 750

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    Put it to ON. Fuel shouldn't flow unless vacuum is applied to the vacuum port. If it does your petcock is shot.
    »Ross Wendell
    »1992 Katana 600, 1987 MR2 turbo, 2005 Corolla


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        To drain the tank, is it enough to "suck" the vacum hose? or is there a better way?
        Suzuki GSX600F 92'


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          A small amount of vacuum is all it really takes, about the same amount placed on a straw if you were drinking a soft drink. No fluid should be coming from that port, so if the hose is clean it should be fine to apply it yourself.

          To quickly empty the tank, I suggest turning the petcock up so that it is above the fuel level, removing the petcock, and then draining from that hole into a large catch pan or bucket if you have one.

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            I put a plugged line on the front outlet, a three foot line on the rear and propped the tank on the side of my truck bed with the long fuel line going down into my truck's gas tank. Turn the petcock to Prime and wait a bit. Voila! no muss, no fuss, empty tank.
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              yea you dont need to suck on the vac. just turn the fuelcock to purge and away it will go
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                Ok, thanx for answers =)
                Suzuki GSX600F 92'


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                  Originally posted by jimbowv View Post
                  yea you dont need to suck on the vac. just turn the fuelcock to purge and away it will go

                  You mean PRIme?


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