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Help pls... gas is leaking everywere

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  • Help pls... gas is leaking everywere

    Hello all,
    I just recently got my bike running again after 2 years of tinkering with it, it is a 94 600 Kat, but now i am running into another problem. There is a major gas leak on it. I took the air box off and found the there is gas coming out of the carbs. On the front of each carb, just on the inside, there is 2 small holes. Gas is pouring out of one of those holes on each of the 4 carbs. There was a little gas leak yesterday when i only had a little gas in it but it is leaking alot now that it has a full tank. Any ideas would help greatly. I am not much of a mechanic and i can find no reference to these holes in my haynes manual.


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    is the selector switch on PRIME? If it is, then thats your problem, as gravity is forcing the gas past your floats


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      It SOUNDS like a float problem to me , too . Either the floats are stuck (possible if it's been sitting for a while) , have holes in them (so they don't float) , or there could be junk in the needle seat (I had that problem last summer) . Does it leak on "on" , "reserve" , "prime" , or all settings ? It's a place to start , anyway .
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        No sense ina third person suggesting the same thing (They are right BTW) so instead I'll offer advice on where to begin

        Pull your fuel lines off at the petcock and check it first since it's the easy one. Have some rags or a large cup handy to catch the fuel. If it is the petcock it's gonna make a mess because it will leak no matter what position it's in. Fuel should only flow in one of the three positions.
        If you are able to turn the fuel off at the petcock then you are gonna need to pull your carbs. You could just pull the bowls and reset the floats but if your going to take them that far down you might as well do it right the first time and do a complete rebuild.
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          Did you get it fixed yet?

          If not, post up here or PM bet is actually to e-mail me - it's quickest!
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