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  • gskf750 forks

    so as i was zooming around the site i saw gsx600f forks for sale but nothing on a 2000 gsx750f forks. are they the same? mine are bent from the previous owner and i don't have 700 bucks to shell out for brand new ones?

    what years can i use?
    what size bikes can i use it from?
    should i just hold out and save for new ones and miss the season?

    thanks again

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    The forks are the same from 1999 to 2006
    If you go to, find the part number then insert it in the "Where does this part fit?" box about midway on the left hand side.. Bingo, all the models that part fits.


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      they are actually the same from 98-02, but for some reason Ron Ayers doesn't list a 1998 Katana 750. BP, when you're telling someone how to do something it's kind of important to pay attention to what Ron Ayers actually says FRONT DAMPER MODEL W X Y K1 K2 that would mean 02. They don't go up to 06, an on 03 it states FRONT DAMPER MODEL W X Y K1 K2
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        Actually I have found their fiche isn't 100%...


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          yeah, they aren't right all the time, but 80% is good for me.


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            man you guys are good. when i'm looking things up, does the letter thats shown (x, y, w, k) co-inside with whats on the vin? sorry to be so new. and does anyone know if anyones got used forks for sale. also has anyone heard of the button to start the bike going bad? there's really not too much to go wrong for it. i have the button off and if i connect the 2 wires the bike fire's up. but for some reason the starter button doesn't seem to work.


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              The letter designates the year. (sometimes starting in the middle) So K, L, M, N so on for 2000, 2001, 2003 etc, I do not think it is part of your VIN but it might be on your VIN sticker where the year of manufacture is.

              It is not unlikely that the button failed. It might just be dirty. I had that with a bike I bought. Had to start it with a penny across the relay, got pulled over first day for not having the "tab" on my plate Cop had me stop it..

              Yes I got off and had a smoke until he drove off! Last thing I needed with dodgy paperwork was for him to see me "hot wire" the bike..