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Exhaust leaks

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  • Exhaust leaks

    So, I bought some used 1100 stock exhaust, and I'm in the process of putting it onto my 1100 to replace the hacked together system that was on there when I bought it.

    Problem is, I can't get it together and not leaking. There's a leak where each header goes into the collector on the exhaust pipes. I've already sheared off one of the bolts on the clamps on the end of the collectors trying to get it tight, but I'd be very appreciative of any tips to help me get this together right.

    I did buy new new gasket/connectors (part No. 7 on this schematic) that go between the end of the header pipes and the collectors, and replaced the old ones that were on the headers with the new ones, too.

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    Something's bent there , perhaps ....
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