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Clutch Problem. Please Help!

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  • Clutch Problem. Please Help!

    I Just installed a new clutch cable on my 91 gsx600f. It's the 1st time i've ever installed one. It's all hooked up now and when i crank it in nuetral it's fine, but when i shift into gear the bike shuts off. When the bike is in 1st it won't roll with the clutch not engaged. When i engage the clutch in 1st gear while it's not running it allows me to roll it. So i assume the clutch is doing it's job but what's causing it to shut off? Low battery? Too much play in the cable? or not enough? Hopefully you guys understand what im trying to say.

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    When you put the cable in did you adjust it after you were done? Sounds like it's way too loose.
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      Yeah i did. When i 1st put it in and tried to switch to 2nd it jumped and stalled. I adjusted it and now it just shuts off when i shift. The bike should start in 1st gear if i have the clutch engaged right? It's not though. The thing that gets me is it obvious is working because when i engage it the bike rolls while in gear.

      haha i was just thinking about it... my kickstand was down the whole time. sorry been a while since i've had it running.
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