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Clutch is new yet noisy - Kat 1100 '89

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  • Clutch is new yet noisy - Kat 1100 '89

    Hi again folks!

    Well the 89 Kat has been running VERY strong for the last few weeks and I have been taking long runs around lake Okeechobee here in S florida.

    My Ex-mechanic who I have found out was a thief and a turd suposedly replaced my clutch plates, metal and friction, and ever since then it has done two wierd things:

    1) It wont let me into neutral until the oil is super hot...after running long and hard and only if I have the idel rpms down to 800 rpm or lower.

    2) There is a wierd growl of sorts as I engage the clutch

    Neither of these things were happenning before the clutch rebuild but I cant go back to him - I dont TRUST him at all.

    Clutch is hydraulic so other than bleeding it a few times - there is no adjustments.

    What would you do to check it out????

    Was thinking of going back to synthetic oil (he F'd up and went with regular oil) and while I have it drained might pop the cover off and see what the clutch looks like. Gotta be honest - not sure what I am looking for.

    Thanks for any help/ideas.


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    I'm not familiar with the hydraulic clutch but once you're inside the case I would imagine a clutch is a clutch. I would get a manual make sure everything is put together correctly. Examine the metal plates and you will know if they have been hot by looking at them. Same thing with the fibers. If it was me I would pull the basket off also and inspect the back plate and make sure there isn't any stress cracks anywhere like the older 1100's were notorious for. Other than that I guess maybe bleed the system?
    Must read for carb tuners......


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      thanks - good info. Might have to go to the shop to do this - I dont even have a center stand anymore on her


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        went to synthetic oil and it helped but .... still have trouble finding neutral. When I change oil nect I will take a look at the clutch. I suspect they didnt use OEM plates and evey milimeter matters in a clutch.