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95 kat 750 fuel line connections ?

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  • 95 kat 750 fuel line connections ?

    well i have the carbs all cleaned up and bagged ready for installation and the next step will be to clean out the tank ( fuel already drained ) . i i've put on a new choke cable and throttle cable and just need some one to remind me what line off the petcock goes where . 2 lines look plastic the other is rubber . once it's running the carbs will be synced , the entire bike cleaned , brake fluid bled and replaced . then the new tires will be installed and balanced . thanks for all the advice here and parts i picked up from cyberpoet . once i take a first ride i'll post on how it's all working out .

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    Tube on the rear is smaller than the fuel hoses..
    It goes to carb #4.
    The two remaining (one facing front, one rear) go to the carbs.
    Doesn't matter which goes where just so long as they are routed well (no kinks etc)


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      thanks pete!