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  • sprockets

    i want to put the bike up in a wheely what sprockets would i need for the front and back want to change out stock sprockets... want to stunt the bike

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    2006 Suzuki Kat GSX750F


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      If you want to stunt a Katana, you'll have to ride it like this :

      I'm not so sure you need to worry about the sprocket setup, you might be better off worrying about the front end chit you'll have to replace when you come down from that wheelie.
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        You want gsxr sprockets...

        ...attached to a gsxr.

        Seriously though, look around the forums a bit, there've been like 5 threads about this recently
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          i have had my fork seals replaced with some nice ones the shop said there damn near industructable


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            step #1) learn how to spell wheelie correctly. Step #2) Buy a GSXR. Step #3) "wheelie" your katana twice and find out how "damn near indestructible" the fork seals are.


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              15/47 sprockets oughtta do it ......
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                Originally posted by arsenic View Post
                step #1) learn how to spell wheelie correctly. Step #2) Buy a GSXR. Step #3) "wheelie" your katana twice and find out how "damn near indestructible" the fork seals are.



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                  Originally posted by robleen69 View Post
                  i have had my fork seals replaced with some nice ones the shop said there damn near industructable
                  The shop said that hoping you'll wheelie your Kat and keep blowing the seals out so they can keep replacing them. Kats aren't stunting bikes. Go buy a GXSR or R1 if you want to stunt, you'll be a happy camper then. Stunting with a Kat is like trying to use a sledgehammer to drive a nail.
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                  Originally posted by jetmerritt
                  Save up for great gear and dress for the fall before you ride. If you can't afford good quality gear, don't ride. It's like saying you can't afford seat belts for your car. There are just no laws to make gear mandatory.


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                    Dont change your sprockets - learn to wheelie

                    Try this link,

                    Any Muppet can power wheelie,try to do it the correct way, using Clutch, brake and throttle control,


                    I learned on a gutless 600 bandit, Ride along slowly, dip the clutch, dab the back brake, dial in 6-7000 rpm and release the clutch and brake and the suspension lifts the bike up, Don't be tempted to try to pull on the bars, it don't work. Oh and the really important bit,

                    keep your eyes and head level with the horizon !!!


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                      Thanx guys i have a r6 also but dont want to do stupid stuff with it . That bike goes to the shows with my team and the kat is a daily driver and fun bike


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                        I'm sure a 60 in the back will git er done
                        -2000 "750"


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                          ...and yut ughhh..

                          and don't forget to cover the rear brake
                          2006 Suzuki Kat GSX750F


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                            Originally posted by Mat0302 View Post
                            and don't forget to cover the rear brake
                            I was gonna say that.


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                              If you really want to stunt it (and I'll explain why you want to do it on a different bike in a moment), get yourself a 14 front and a matching 57 rear from Sunstar sprockets (along with the longer chain you'll need to span the distance). They'll cut 'em to order. You'll be able to wheelie it until the cows come home or the engine dies from oil starvation, which-ever comes first, as well as be able to land it fairly easily simply by decreasing the throttle. Get yourself a 12-o'clock bar to go with it, so you can't readily flip yourself.


                              Yes, given the right sprocket or gear ratios, virtually any bike can be wheelied and held up. My first bike was a little, weak parallel-twin 450 with a 6k redline -- and it was quite content to do it all day long because of how the factory geared it.


                              Now, all that said, there are bike engines out there that are designed to wheelie without issue. Their engines have a V-shaped oil pan and a weighted tube at the bottom of the oil pump pick-up, so that even with the nose pointing skyward, the oil pump is able to pick-up oil and send it around the engine to keep everything lubricated. The Katana is NOT one of these designs. If you put the front wheel up, pointing skyward, you are starving the bike for oil every single second that it's up there. And if you think that running any engine starved for oil is OK, think about the fact that you are straddling this piece of metal on one wheel when the moving parts suddenly decide to lock-up because of a lack of lube -- and those parts are connected directly to the only wheel you're on.
                              If that wasn't enough, bikes specifically designed to wheelie also use some form of fuel delivery method that isn't strictly gravity-based. The Katana isn't one of those either.
                              And then there's the torque-arm requirement. A good wheelie bike has a fairly short wheelbase and has pretty much nothing of any significant weight forward of where the forks meet the steering stem. The short wheelbase makes it require less power to get it up, keep it up, land it easily. The lack of stuff forward keeps that area from wanting to continue moving groundwards on a harder-than-ideal landing. The Kat, on the other hand, has so much stuff forward of the steering stem that it actually uses a sub-frame to support all of the stuff (headlight casings, instrument panels, excess fairings).
                              The fact that if it does go really bad, you're going to have over 500 lbs of bike landing on you and mashing you into the ground doesn't help either (big plus to featherweight one- and two-cylinders in that sense).
                              Honestly said, I really can't think of a worse candidate to wheelie except certain shaft-driven bikes and your typical harley davidson...

                              Good luck to you!

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