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Clutch Adjustment.

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  • Clutch Adjustment.

    Please could someone tell me if you are supposed to have any drag on the clutch once you have adjusted it?
    In other words should the back wheel turn when I pull the clutch leaver in on all gears 1st to 6th?

    I adjusted my clutch as per the instructions found on the site and Iím not happy.
    Shifting gears is very sooth now and the gears are not snatching like they used to, but when I change gear and accelerate hard the clutch seems to drag the revs go up then the bike catches up speed wise. Hope this makes sense what am I missing out. My clutch has done 30.000 and takes very close to releasing it.

    Thanks in advance


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    dragging...sounds like you clutch is bad


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      on the center stand?
      yes even in neutral the wheel will turn on the center stand

      sound like the clutch is slipping
      how did you adjust it?

      97% of the people here don't back it off enough and don't have enough push rod free play.
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        hardlydangerous you are right!

        I did not back the grub screw off enough, I did it all over again and now I'm very happy.

        I'm still going to be putting in new plates and springs, are there any special tools I'll be needing to make this little job any easier?




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          Tok you will need something like a dentist pick to help get the fibers out. Other than that it is really easy to do. You do not have to drain the oil either. Place the bike on the side stand and remove the cover and have at it. I can tell you that you DO NOT put any torque on the clutch spring bolts. Take them down snug and that is it. If you pu the 5ft lbs of torque on them you will more than likely snap the heads off. I did this twice.


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            someone put a BS clutch removal thread up...


            the cable will not come out at the sprocket end!?! no idea how your supposed to disconnect and then re-attach something you cant even see....especially when pulling it out their is still tension and the "worm" assembly rotates....frustrated
            KATANA....It can cut through a tank! really! I saw it on the internet somewhere!