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bikes not charging

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  • bikes not charging

    1991 fzr 600 thats not charging any help with solving this problem

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    At all?

    May be time for a new battery.

    Do you have a multimeter?

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      CyberPoets page, and his direct help IIR, found my "issue" about going through 2 batteries in a year and half... Dam CA fan, sucking it dry and recharging killed the battery after a few cycles...


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        voltage regulator is shot yammies have really sh1tty electrcal systems unplugs the stator genarator thing and the voltage reg start bike and measure then voltage coming out of the stator it shoudl be around 45 to 64 volts AC if not the stator is bad if this is correct then plug everything back in with bike off start again and measure voltage at battery at 3000rpm it should be around 14 volts if not its the voltage reg buy the newer one from an r6 with the black finned body one and there a diagram on the fizzer archives to tell you how to wire it. i had to do this same mod on a buddys 93 fzr.


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          sinfulkat is right -- Yamaha's are known to have crappy voltage regulators, and they changed the design of the voltage regulator several times as a result in an attempt to alleviate the issue. The better replacements have raised fins to shed heat, run $35 - $45, and may need to be mounted on the frame instead of their original mounting location (both to get better airflow across the heat sink, and because the heat sink increases the size).

          PS - most Yamaha's are designed not to have a positive charge at idle (i.e. - they actively use more than they produce; it allows the company to use smaller, lighter alternators/generators/stators) -- but it can also spell serious issues if you are often in stop-n-go traffic with the lights and fans going and the engine running at idle.

          Good Luck!
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