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bike wont stay runnig once warmed up

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  • bike wont stay runnig once warmed up

    So about a month ago I was having a problem getting the bike started and found about 3 gallons of petrol in the crank case.
    Now I think from what I have been told the petcock some how got put in the prime position and left there.
    Either way I did an oil change filter change and it started running again.
    Well now i have moved to Florida from New Hampshire and I am actually able to ride it but every time the bike becomes fully warmed up it stalls and dies while riding it and or has no power, if I let it sit for a little bit like 4-5 minutes its fine and starts again but has no power at all and will eventually stall again now today I am going to tear the bike down pull the plugs and air filter to see if the are fouled and dirty but I was wondering if there was anything else I should look for, I am going to clean the carbs this week too, I dont know if I need to go get them adjusted too since I am way closer to sea level.
    I searched but didnt find anything so sorry if this has been covered before.


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    Ah spring time on KR. The flowers start to Blossom, the grass starts growing, and the pilot circuits get dirty.

    Well, actually in this case there is probably a fueling problem too. Since you said that you had 3 gallons of gas in the crank you should check the float heights and inspect the float needles for wear.

    Since you are going to need to do that anyway, you may as well clean the carbs too.

    If you have added a fuel filter, or changed fuel lines you could have a feed problem.

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      Alright well Ill just get to cleaning the carbs and checking the floats then, I didn't change the fuel lines at all nor have I added a fuel filter although i might do that if the bike does not have one since it sounds like a good idea.
      thanks if anyone else has any other ideas i should check let me know