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oil in the timing case

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  • oil in the timing case

    first let me start my saying hello my name is adam and im new to the forum, I have a 93 katana 600 that i recently picked up from one of my buddys, i doesnt run and that is why i got it so cheap but i have a pretty big back ground in working on cars and worked for some years as a tech though this is my first bike. that being said the bike has little to no spark so i was pulling the timing cover and come to find out it has a timing advancer on it but oddly the timing components were all covered in oil. any ideas? i saw the oil sender had no teflon tape on it, thanks in advance

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    It's normal to have a little oil in the bottom but not coating everything. Try starting the bike for a moment with the cover off and see if the sender is leaking oil.

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      Welcome, and when I got my bike new in 06 and put in the advancer, there was a little bit of oil in there. Oil is normal, but too much and you've got a problem.


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        should i put some teflon tape on the sender before i put it back?


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          try not to over do it i leads to the oil pan and oil pump dont want to block anything


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            If you look down by that oil sender, you will see the baffle to the crank case..
            That is where the oil is coming from..