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Stumped :(, Loss of power, Bucking, Popping!

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  • Stumped :(, Loss of power, Bucking, Popping!

    Good day Kat'z!

    The name is nate, 93 suzuki katana 600f. I recently took my carbs off to clean the jet screws and whatever else type gum deposits were in there. I had to replace a spring in the first bank, it was in half when I took them apart so I think that was the reason for there being about a pop bottle of gas in my airbox. So I cleaned the Jets, Floats, Float Bowls and then sprayed everything I could see real good with carb cleaner. I also took the gas sensor out of the tank swished pennys and clean gas around real good and then swished just some gas around. Just to clean that out nice because trust me the gas didn't look good and the tank was dirty.

    So everything is back together now and it was running horrible with the airbox off but I had it off just too see if it was still draining gas. Now I put it on and it idles great and everything is smooth but once you take off and get on the throttle it POP's and has a little bit of hesitation, I would say bucking. Im stumped as to why it is poping and has that almost what I would call hesitation too it. I checked the Choke cable to make sure it wasnt staying on and causing the problem. Now I have two lines on the carb for my air flow that strap to my air box, then two lines going to each side of the petcock.

    My question is any suggestions? Then on seconde note on the tank there is one plug for a line rate in the middle of the tank on the bottom... Any Idea were this goes or what it's for? I also have the line on the back of the petcock... Where does that go if anywere? Any more lines I should need on my carbs besides 2 fuel and 2 breathers?

    This is my first bike and my first time riding or working with carbs so any help is greatful, Thanks again guys! I love this site so far it's been great help the last few months.

    P>S Sorry for the book I wrote...


    You could say that?

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    The line of the back of the petcock goes to carb #4 all the way onthe other side if the carb rails!!!As far as the port on the bottom of the tank, they are vents, they travel down the side of the bike(right side I think) down to the bottom to vent ..!!I believe some of the old school guys here will agree with that
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      spark plugs, incorrectly routed vacuum hoses, carbs need syncing, lots of stuff can go wrong


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        Right on, well I checked the plugs of coarse... Vacum hoses I don't know which one's too look for. I been looking thru the chilton you can print off that someone had on here. Where does the hose go from the sensor or is that just a vent too?
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        You could say that?


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          You didn't say that you synched the carbs after you put them back on. Poorly synched carbs can cause a lot of running problems.
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          but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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            The one off the sensor Is overflow I belive,aka vent. As far as syncn the carbs.Do them by eye as best as you can and then get them to someone with a sync pro..
            Riding is like a roll-a-coaster that you control


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              Of make your own sync if you are unable to afford one/borrow one.

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