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Help regarding a power loss issue at 5 - 6K revs (roughly)

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  • Help regarding a power loss issue at 5 - 6K revs (roughly)

    Hopefully someone can help / point me in the right direction. I've tried searching the forums but don't really know what I'm looking for.

    1999 Suzuki GSX F 600 UK based owner. No modifications to the bike to my knowledge.
    Through more responsive gears (1 - 3 mainly) my bike will very briefly lose then regain power at about 5 - 6K revs like it is hitting a dead spot in the engine maybe. This results in the bike jumping forward making a good attempt to rip my hands off the handlebars. It seems mainly to be if I am getting up to speed quickly / if I am some what aggressive with the throttle but can occur even if I am gentle with the throttle (doesn't always occur with the latter gentle method and is much less noticable).
    The bike rides perfectly through the rest of the revs in these gears it just appears to be around the 5 - 6K mark
    Only recently started doing this (period of a week). It's making for an unpleasant ride.
    If someone could assist I'd be grateful. If you need further information let me know.

    On a side note I've found this site very useful so far! Very helpful bunch of people.



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    I am having somewhat of the same problem. My bike is a 1999 600 U.S. When I am at idle, it sounds wonderful and works even better, but when I put pressure on the engine (put it in gear), it will ride up to about 6k rpm (1st gear) and the engine will slowly bog down until I have to work the throttle to keep it from turning off. I can't hold the throttle open as you do to ride it because it will end up shutting off on me. Actually, I am going to make a post and see what people say; maybe it could be the same part messing up?


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      im in the same boat with you green, but now ive got a chain issue to deal with before I can get back to the carb issue.


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        Sounds like you've got a diaphragm (or more than one) sticking. Pull the tops off the carbs and hold the diaphragms up to a light. If you can see light through them they're worn out and won't raise the needles smoothly.
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