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Choke cable is sticking

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  • Choke cable is sticking

    Any quick solutions for this?

    When I start the bike I have the choke on. After a few seconds, I turn the choke off but the cable doesn't return. I have to wiggle if for a minute or so to loosen it up so the choke goes off. Anyone have a simple solution to this or am I replacing the choke cable?
    '95 Suzuki GSXF Katana 600

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    I'd push on the choke rail at the carb while turning the lever down . But once mine froze up completely , I just took it off and pulled the rail itself when needed for choke . New cables are cheap though .
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      I have the same exact problem. I can either wiggle it a lot to close the choke once I'm started, or I can push it with my hand from outside the bike. I push it with my hand. I just ordered a new cable from the stealership for $21.75. Lubing it might help as well. I decided just to go with a new cable all together. I want to do the mesh mod, so I need it working perfectly .


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        Originally posted by md86
        I'd push on the choke rail at the carb while turning the lever down . But once mine froze up completely , I just took it off and pulled the rail itself when needed for choke . New cables are cheap though .
        there is absolutely no way to get at the rail on my bike without removing that is not an option on my bike.

        last year my choke was doing the same thing. i cleaned it the best i could. this year when i brought it out of storage and went to start it, the cable just broke. i could not start my bike cuz of this.

        so my suggestion....for the price of a cable, go buy one and eliminate the headache.
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          Did any of you try a can of WD-40?

          Deffinatly cheaper than a new cable

          but ofcourse if the cable is hopelessly tight or otherwise damaged(like fraying) then it should be replaced

          [edit] I know my dad has special tool for lubricating cables, it clamps onto the end and you fit the wire into it, then use the wd-40 or similar spraycan oil in a little valve(makes an airtight seal between the cable and the nozzle, so oil is forced through the cable)
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            Replace the cable -- $21 - $22 from the dealer and peace of mind for another couple years. Be sure to route it well...

            You may also want to read this thread:
            KR: Mech 101: Frozen Choke Cable Investigations by the CyberPoet

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              mine did that this spring till the time it would not move took it off the bike and used a a slicone spray and had to pull the cable back and forth till it loosened up kept spraying it in and working it. it was like there was dirt or the other lube had harded up no problems since.
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                Take the cable off the bike (both ends), put an old spark plug boot over the end of the cable, and spray your little heart out. The spark plug boot will help keep the stuff going into the cable. Be sure to let the other end hang to drain free (esp if using WD-40, so the stoddard solution, aka dry cleaning solution, comes out and only leaves the residual oil behind).

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                  I normally end up replacing the choke cable on almost every Kat I work on! 8)

                  Not sure why, but its probable the #1 thing that goes wrong on all Kats!

                  I get them for just under $20 I think.........................I just sent one to Meikol.............$24 deliverd to his doorstep!

                  I like to keep about 6 of them here.............. 2 early 600's, 2 early 750's, and 2 98+ ones (600 & 750 are the same)
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                    I replaced my choke cable today. It functions perfectly now. Just buy the new cable. I also did the mesh mod since I don't need to push on the choke rail anymore. It turned out awesome I'll post pics in Bodywork on Monday most likely.