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this oil is the bomb

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  • this oil is the bomb

    hey gals and gals dunno if anyone has ever heard or tried this oil, SPECTRO GOLDEN 4, but a good friend of mine that work in a cycle shop told me about it and it really is good stuff it made my engine run so much quieter and shift smoother its a 20w semi syth runs around 10 bones per quart

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    Compared to which oil that you were running before?

    Meanwhile, Spectro Golden's synthetic is a true PAO oil, so it *should* do great.

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      I just tried Rotella 5w40 synthetic and mine shifts and runs smoother than the oil I had in before, Motul semi syn 10w40. The Rotella is better for the cold weather start ups also. It goes for about $23 a gallon compared to Motul for $32 a gallon.
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        My viffer and 08 VW Rabbit both love Rotella 5w40 Its a good price compared to a lot of the JASO oils.


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          Both my bikes love the Shell Rotella T. Let me just say this, I put this oil to the test BIG TIME. I ride the bikes very hard in the twisties, lots of high rpm riding, and quick hard acceleration for hours at a time.

          Shell Rotella rocks!!!
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