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Eww... gunky intake valves

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  • Eww... gunky intake valves

    Every time I do a valve adjustment, I peek into the intake boots just to see what it looks like, and I'm always amazed by how icky some of my valves are. So much so, that I decided to take a few pics:

    (click for larger images)

    Aside from a complete disassemble and manual valve cleaning, is there anything I can do to clean these up? I assume there isn't, so am I damaging anything by allowing them to stay dirty?
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    no, I must say I was surprised as well. I recently took the valves out of a head to be lapped back in, and the IN valves were much worse then the EX valves. Usually it's the other way around. You can run some seafoam, but that's about it.


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      That techron crap is suppossed to be good for cleaning those.
      Must read for carb tuners......