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  • Idle question or issue

    I finally got the katana beast back together, If anyone remebers the pics from KP..

    A couple of questions;
    I am using a throttle cable off a 88 600 on a set of 93 carbs.. on the 88 carbs, the throttle cable screws into the base on the carbs.. it does not do that on the 93 carbs.. should I place another nut on the bottom of the screw so that there is a nut on top and bottom of the base on the carbs?

    The bike starts and idles but if I blimp the throttle, the rpms stay at about 3500 - 4000 grand... Is this because the cable is loose in the carb base?

    Ideas or suggestions...

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    I have or had the same problem. I have '92 carbs with aftermarket motionpro throttle cable. I have to put the nut of the bottom or the rpms blast up to 4-5K. At first I thought I had the cable routed wrong causing it to pinch or just not close all the way. I tried routing the cable several different ways with no success. I also tried to adjust the high idle out with the idle screw which didn't work either. So I put the nut on the bottom. The throttle closes all the way now and the rpm's are fine, but what happens when the cable stretches? Now I can't adjust it. I hope it stretches far enough to fit the nut on top so I can adjust it. I think the throttle body can b adjusted but I didn't want to mess with that because I don't have the guage to sync the carbs.

    Also check all the C-clamps between the airbox and the carbs. One time I had one of the clamps in the wrong position and it was holding the throttle open just slightly, keeping the rpm's up. The C-clamps should be pointing down.
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      Carbs need to be adjusted and synched, and the idle set at about 1200 RPM ...............
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        Originally posted by Special K
        Carbs need to be adjusted and synched, and the idle set at about 1200 RPM ...............
        Exactly what he said, beat me to it!!
        Um I dont know any wise quotes so go read katansoldiers quote in his signature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!