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Trade you a measurement for a laugh at my expense...

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  • Trade you a measurement for a laugh at my expense...

    My bike: 1993 GSX600F
    The measurement I'm looking for: how far does the clutch push rod stick out from the oil seal in front of the drive sprocket. (or how deep in is the push rod that doesn't come out)

    The story that brings me here:
    Generally when replacing a chain, I just break the old chain, and then zip-the new on the end of the old and pull it through. This time I thought I might be able to lube the old chain out of it's kink, but it wasn't to be saved, so I got a new one. Without the benefit of the old chain in place, I couldn't guide in the new chain my usual way. So instead of taking off the drive sprocket cover (pretty quick in comparison with the benefit of hindsight) I decide it's easier to just lay the start of the new chain on the top of the drive sprocket, push the sprocket with my fingers (at least I didn't start it right?) and then grab the end of the chain with a hanger when it stuck out the bottom.
    While this sounded great at the time, it turned out that the chain wasn't quite as flaccid as I thought and so the chain was guided onto the other side of my clutch push pin. Now, while I'm not sure about the exact specifications of said pin, I now know for sure that it's not meant to handle the same tension as a 530 chain. Who knew? I guess this tells me to run it before I take it off the stand huh?

    So now I hope the whole pin came out, but I didn't exactly check the clearance of the pin before hand. There is metal about a third of an inch deep into the oil seal, but I'm not sure if it's the end of the internal push rod (#20 from clutch diagram) or a broken part of the external push rod (#21 from same diagram). If somebody would let me know how far the external push rod (#21) sticks out from the oil seal, I can move forward from my walk of shame

    thanks in advance,

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    98+ 'should' be the same