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Couple of carb issues and questions.

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  • Couple of carb issues and questions.

    First of, the bike is a 1993 600.

    Okay, so the pilot screw on my #4 carb backed out the other day and I actually found it while I was trying to figure out why it died at the stop sign. I have since found that #3 is missing, #2 is out way too far and #1 looks like it might be at the right depth. Anybody know how many turns out from all the way in they're supposed to be? And is it safe to use thread lock on them so I don't have this problem again?

    I also found that the bracket for the throttle cable is broken. That explains that zip tie I was wondering about... Can I fix this, or should I just live with the zip tie method?

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    2.5 turns out, NO, DO NOT use thread lock. They will not do that if they aren't too far out to begin with. Take that inline fuel filter off too. It's not helping. You'd need a new carb body and replace that carb. I have that carb body, PM me if you want it.


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      If you are looking to do it right, get that body replaced. Not what you are looking to hear I know. I got the same bikle, same exact year. Also, about the filters. I got some at Lowes. They are B&S inline filters. They are a little better than what you have pictured. I put mines up by the petcock. Works better that way....
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        Set your pilots where you like them , then a dab of clear nail polish over them for good measure . I've heard a couple people use that method before .... And yes , all their parts WERE there .
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