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  • Help me please!!!

    Well i have run into an issue with my new toy 98 kat. Couple days ago i got onto her to ride noticed the oil looked really low took her round the block and she was running funny (stuttering) so i parked her. The next day i let her idle for 10 min and added 1/4 qt of oil. She ran great. Today (forgetting all about the oil) i took her out and she performed great all day then on the way home she started stuttering again and then cut off while i was in traffic. I pulled her to the side of the road and hoped in the cage and ran to the gas station and got oil. Put half a qt in her and let her idle for 10min. she sounded great so i hoped back on her and got down a couple blocks and she cut off again. I was afraid to start her again so just got her towed home (embarasing as He!!) When i got her off the tow truck i started her and she cut rite on. So whats wrong with my bike?? I have no idea whats going on. I dont think its the carbs because she hasnt done this before. Any advice?????? Anybody been through this???
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    Is your check oil light on (by your gauges)? Also, are you noticing any blue smoke coming from your exhaust? It just seems like whatever the issue is, if your loosing oil this quickly you definitely should see something (if you haven't already noticed some obvious leaks!)
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      yeah, step 1 is defiantly too find out where the oil is going. Until you know that I can't tell you anything really.


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        well i checked the back of the pipe and the smoke looks like it alwasy did, (Clear) also i have checked for leaks since the day i got it, never seen anything on the ground or smell oil burning on the frame. The check engine light came on both times it died on me! It didnt remain on once buike was shut off and restarted. But it was def on when she died..............any idea whats going on?????? My kats in dire need of help!!!
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          Was the oil going somewhere? Did you check the oil window with the bike on the centerstand, or did you just put oil in it as a guess?

          One thing that can cause sputtering (if it's not the oil issue) is a faulty sidestand switch (happened to me on my post).

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            Originally posted by pveity View Post
            The check engine light came on both times it died on me!
            You have a check engine light?

            First step is to find out what's happening with the oil definitely. There's no way you should be burning that much...
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              Check engine light?
              I'm guessing it it runs but dies shortyly after riding you have a bad petcock or petcock vacuum leak, or even a plugged gas cap vent.

              try running it on prime for a while... even a couple days
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                The "check engine" light they're making fun of you for (dammit , they beat me to it ) is the oil pressure light . It's off when the bike's running , unless you ain't got oil pressure for some reason , and on when it's not . Normal . Also , make sure you're using the correct oil check procedure . Happens .
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                  oil light!!!!! SORRY!!! (my god) not check engine light!!!! it was late i had a long day my kats in trouble and u guys are picking on me for saying check engine instead of oil light...the oil window was empty..thats what made me add oil..Then after i added the oil the oil window looked completly full... but as i began to ride it (and it cut off) i looked down at the oil window and it looked empty again...any ideas???
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                    It takes a few minutes for the oil to run down the engine and back to the pan for a proper level check. Place the bike on the center stand - if you have one, fire her up for a few minutes, and then shut her off and allow her to rest for 5-6 minutes. Then look at the oil level in the window, and adjust as needed.
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                      Thanks for the help will try and post comments!!
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                        ok i put the bike on the center kickstand and the oil level was low like there was nothing in her. I cut her on (she didnt want to stay started and kept trying to die could be because its cold) but i got her to run for a couple min and when i cut her offthe oil level was far beyond full. The whole oil window was whats going on with the bike???????????????????????????????
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                          drain all the oil and start over. new filter and all, it's prolly due anywho. take a good sniff of the old oil for gas. If it's gassy there is a problem with one or more floats in the carbs. Check the bottom of your airbox, and the drain tube for gas also.

                          does it spit, sputter, and die, or just cut out, stop dead? spit and sputter = fuel problem. cut out and die = ignition.

                          when's the last time you checked the plugs for fouling? these motors seem to foul plugs easily.
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                            i was thinking the same thing to just drain it and start thats what i will do thanks guys for the help if that doesnt work im taking her to the shop!!! THanks again!!!!
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