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can't find a part in the fiche

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  • can't find a part in the fiche

    looking for the part number for the rubber bumper that the tank sits on, on the frame crossmember that goes over the valve cover.

    they are not shown on the frame fiche, just the crossmember.

    Ron doesn't even show the fiche for a pre-98 frame. Bike Bandit and show the frame fiche, but no bumpers.

    this is for a '93, but all pre-98's should be the same.

    anyone have the part number?

    nevermind, of course i find it after i post this.

    it's on the fuel tank fiche, and the it was hiding under the watermark on the fiche at cheapcycleparts. had to find it on RA, then backtrack.

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    Nothing to see...move along.

    Or a free thread to jack. Time to increase thread count.

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