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Chain issue, anybody suggestions?

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  • Chain issue, anybody suggestions?

    I had my chain replaced last year an now have a couple K kms miles on it. Went out for a first ride last weekend and threw the master link and chain. On quick inspection the chain looks ok. It didn't snag catch or appear to have been damaged.

    The crap part is the dealer/shop that did the chain appears to have gone bankrupt late last year.

    So I went looking at options at other shaps and nobody could match the chain it wasn't the typical brand. The shop used a dongbo (DBC) chain from China. it hs markings of DBC 530OL on the chain. I did some internet research and can find the corporate site for this company , but can't locate who I can get a new link from.

    Lesson learned...., I should have check whose parts they were going to use, as I presumed (incorrectly) as they were a reputable shop, I would get name brand parts, and to boot they obviously had some workmanship issues as well

    If I can get a new link, I would like to go this way and don't want to spend another $250 or so to get another chain.

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    Hopefully you've learned a lesson about the clip type master links and go with a rivet this time around. Having said that, the internet talk is if the clip-type is properly installed in the correct direction, it is not supposed to fail.

    I have no experience with your particular brand of chain, however, since you state that it is a 530 chain, then a 530 link should work.

    Links can be bought seperatley. I'd still recommend the rivet type of link but you do need the proper tool if your doing it yourself.

    These are examples, I am not recommending anyone of them just showing what's available. Even your local dealer may have some instock. chain link chain link

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      Note that just because it is a 530 master that is will work. It may work or it may not work. You will have to take the chain to another place and see if youc an match up the size. I know that the EK chains I sell you can use the RK master link for them.


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        Buy a new chain

        don't use the no name crap
        Even on the china bikes we sell we use standard HD D.I.D or oring chains as a replacement.

        if you use a clip link you MUST safety wire it on a high speed bike...
        Its centrifugal force that open the clip up as it spins around the front sprocket that causes the ling clip to come off. using safety wire will prevent it from spreading open and coming off.
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          I agree with HardlyDangerous, I just bought mine last weekend for $105 tax included (Master) and go with the rivet type of link, the tool to make it yourself cost aprox $100 I just had the dealer installed for another $75, I guess it's up to you if you want to buy the tool
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            Most come with a rivet type link, you can buy a cheap clip link from the same company that makes your chain ( Tsubaki, DID, RK, EK) just to get it to the closest dealership then, swap the links and have them rivet it on.
            any decent shop won't charge you anything to press together a link...
            it takes 2 minutes
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            95 Honda VT600 vlx
            08 Tsu SX200

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              Shops are closing down left and right in the area, what one was it that worked on your bike?

              You can try Sturgess in hamilton for a new link, or maybe St catharines Motorcycle center, Burlington Honda is still in business (I think) or even Claires down in Fonthill.


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                to my knowledge the clips will only fail if they are oriented incorrectly. the closed end of the clip needs to be the forward end when moving.


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                  Shop was Cycle City in Burlington. Its funny because talking to one of the parts guys who is now at a Mississauga dealer, he told me that he only recalls buying DID chains when he was there.

                  Lessons learned and a more $ out of my pocket


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                    when i buy ....only D.I.D. or RK its OEM stuff = I DONT WANT THAT CHAIN AROUND MY FOOT


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                      I tossed TWO chains . BOTH clip-types , and BOTH installed by shops . I do my OWN chains now , and I used rivet types . Suck it up and buy a new chain .
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                        Simple chain tool:

                        For sale here:

                        Never have that problem again

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