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Engine cutting out

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  • Engine cutting out

    First off..

    Thank you, all of you that helped me get started.

    I changed the oil; drained & examined the tank (NO RUST!! ) put in the techron.. After about 1/4 mile the bike changed pitch, no longer the mechanical efforted crank, all of a sudden the engine started to sing. It was a bit weird, never heard an engine respond like that (I've seen my share of engines) but it as if all of a sudden good clean oil entered a section of the bike that it never had.. The result is more of a medium frequency (~800-1400Hz) tone, that becomes much more apparent after 4K RPM. Quite nice.

    ---Question starts here---

    But anyway, on to the next question, oh bike gods.. on pleasant (but not full) acceleration, just after the shift into 2nd at around 30MPH; the engine cuts... the RPM gauge drops to zero, even though the transmission is still forcing the engine to rotate. I pull off, and try to restart; and it is dead.

    I flip all the switches, turn on and off the key; tap the starter, NOTHING happens. no engine crank whatsoever. I've noticed that after about 30 seconds, if I play with the kick stand, they bike will start right back up.

    It's done it twice, and I don't want it to happen on the freeway. I'm wondering if its the kickstand electrical kill switch. If it happens again, I'll try shifting into N immediately; if it then starts without a hitch.. then I'll know. Especially if it dies immediately after shifting into first.

    Any other suggestions?

    kats go raar.

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    kick stand switch is bad!!! is my first assesment
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      Yup , the tipoff is it started up after playin with your stand . You can disable the switch (kinda iffy saftey-wise) , or you can fix it . Basically , the bike will NOT run in gear with the stand down . Look at the stand near the top and you'll see a little plunger deal . What you do with it is up to you ...
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        For many reasons, all of them involving your safety, I highly recommend correcting the issue with the sidestand pivot or switch (one of the two is having the issue). Usual culprits include the pivot for the sidestand getting elongated, the spring which holds it up getting weak with age, or the wiring to the switch itself being tattered or damaged.

        The reason I recommend fixing the issue rather than simply disabling the switch (which can be done by shorting it) is that if you ignore the kickstand issue, the kickstand can come down unexpectly when going over a bump or around a curve, then catch something on the ground and end up in catastrophy (rare, but it has been known to happen -- which is why sidestand cut-out switches are the norm in the industry now).

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          I agree with you CyPt; I will not simply disconnect the switch. I am an engineer, and should with minimal difficulty be able to correct the fault.

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            If not kickstand switch then might b fuel related and playing with switch gives carbs enough time for gas to build. Just a possibility if kickstand switch isn't issue


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              Since OP hasn't been back in over 10 years, I'm guessing he's not still looking for an answer.

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