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Quick Rich/Lean question

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  • Quick Rich/Lean question

    My bike does not rev with good response until it is warmed up (for instance, it will not rev past 4K when not warm)

    From what recall, this is a little to rich ya?

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    what? not past 4k until warm? how long are we talking until it's warm? what does it do when you give it throttle? bog out like too much gas or die out from not enough?
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      only a couple of minutes....then it runs like a dream. It's kinda bogs at 4K, doesn't die....good idle.

      This is after a good sync of course.


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        If the bike runs better warm than cold ....lean
        If it runs better cold than warm
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          do you mean cold as you also have the choke on or off ?

          if the choke is off try reving it up to 4k ( cold ) while it's running sh$tty turn the choke on.

          if you have the choke on, run it up to 4k (cold ) while it's running sh$tty turn the choke off.

          what happens ?



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            Originally posted by md86
            If the bike runs better warm than cold ....lean
            If it runs better cold than warm
            correct... the answer is "lean".

            Mine won't rev past 9k or so until it is very warm. It runs too lean.
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              Isn't this just the cold blooded nature of the carburated Kat engine? My Seca was the same, hated to be cold, but once it's warm, it runs like a champ... I've always assumed it's the norm, why tune the bike for cold when it's only cold for a few mins..