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  • 98+clock

    A friend has a 99 600 and has the fuel guage and logo that lights.
    Can he just get the clock and plug it in or is there more to it than that?
    92 Katana 600 Project bike
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    No he can't. It's completely different inside. The whole unit must be replaced and one wire added to #13 terminal on the harness for + clock.
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      Yeah, Spedee's right, and here's a littl emore info on that same line:

      The printed circuit board is the difference. Seems the factory changed the board somewhat by adding another circuit to the board they use din 98 & 99. You CAN buy the 2000+ board, and the back & front housing will still work. I have an extra clock if you want to go that way..........or amybe try & find a damaged 2000+ gagues set that the board still works and has trashed face plates, etc. Swap out the internals & you're good to go!

      I have about 6 sets here, but no spare 2000+ boards..........I think. If you're interested, I'll drag that box out and go through it. E-mail me....
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