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Should I be draining my oil cooler every oil change??

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  • Should I be draining my oil cooler every oil change??

    I like to be thorough with my bike maintenance, as I am sure many of you are. I have read Cyber write about draining the oil cooler when doing an oil change and that is something I want to start doing. However, I didn't want to jump into it last change, without asking about it first (I was in a little hurry too).

    Is draining the oil cooler the best practice? I think the header (or something) was in the way of the bottom oil line bolts when I looked. What is the procedure to drain the oil cooler? As a side note, I have been changing my Kat's oil every 2,000 miles.
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    I see no reason to do this. Especially if you are changing at 2,000 miles.

    In fact, I would be worried about running the bike after draining the cooler, since you have to pump oil back in there. Even if you partially filled it prior to reinstalling it.

    No offense, but find something else to apply your OCD to, it is not necessary to drain the oil cooler at every oil change. (In fact, I feel confident saying it is not necessary to drain the oil cooler at any oil change unless you were rebuilding the engine)
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      When you change your oil, you are still leaving some in the engine anyways. I don't think it would help much to remove that small amount of oil in the cooler.
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        My opinion is to drain it only in certain circumstances where you really want to try to get all the oil out of the engine, such as if you use an engine flush product, if the oil in the bike is quite old (like it's been sitting for over a year), or if you got fuel into the oil due to a leaking carb/stuck float. For normal oil changes, I don't bother...

        To drain it, undo the oil lines at the cooler itself, then remove the two upper bolts, lift it out and set it upside down at an angle over a catch pan. Allow to drain for five to ten minutes, then reinstall. If you want to refill it manually, use a small funnel and fill it at the oil cooler line opening. Reattach the cooler lines, making sure the o-rings are still there & in-place.

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          As long as you're changing your oil every 3,000 miles, AND your filter, I see no need to go to the extra trouble either.
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