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Darn alternator o-ring

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  • Darn alternator o-ring

    Ok the o-ring on the alternator, its like the service kit a or b on ayers, not sure which, anyway its the o-ring u put on as a seal when you bolt the alternator back on. Well Ive replaced this $@#%%^$ thing for the third time, it just keeps tearing apart. Anybody have this problem before? I cannot think of why its keeps doing this, thought this last time I didnt get the o-ring from zuki or ayers, I got it from an o-ring place......dunno its just pissin me off lol

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    I haven't tried to change an alternator in the Kat, but I did run into something similar with the GF's Ninja 500 -- it was because the OEM o-rings were a different thickness of rubber than the standard American o-rings I got, even though they were the right diameter.

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      yah that is probably why it happened again, I have the oem one coming hopefully this fixes the problem.


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        I would NOT use an aftermarket one for that part.............only OEM, and be carefull how you install the alternator...................

        I've installed and removed dozens.............never had that you may want to also check your alternator next time for a burr or alignment issue or.............?

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          Thanks special, I orderd both servce kits from ayers Im just going to change both of the parts that actually go into the case out see if that solves the problem.