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  • engine theoretics

    ok so here is the deal. i got this engine with my bike a year ago. its an 88 gsx600f. some guy rebuilt it for the guy i bought it from. he turned it on the engine seized. he gave me some "extra parts" be a clutch and transmission. the clutch was a four bolt which from what i found is from 94 on if i remember right. but while getting ready to put it together it looks like he used the same engine and by same engine i mean a 94 and on one's bottom case since the engine is 2 differnt colors. now if this is true could it be that is the reason for the seizing of the engine. the reason i am asking is i want to sell it and dont know wether to say screw it and sell it for parts or sell it as a rebuild one. any help is great.

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    Sell it for parts -- it will net more $$.

    As for the mechanicals, even if one was an '88 and the other a '94, they should still match up.

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      god damn chirs,broy ouve had some trouble up there huh, sorry, id say try to salvage what you can and get some cash back