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01 katana 750 maintenance questions...

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  • 01 katana 750 maintenance questions...

    ok so i know i need to replace the brqke lines and fluid and clean carbs
    and flush oil but what else should i do for the kat once i get her../
    i beleive she has some battery problems as the guy coudltne get her started and said it wsa the battery, so im thinking a new battery too...

    what should i look for down the road as i wiont have an owners manual

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    why won't you have a manual? that is the first thing you should get if you plan on doing your own work.
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      Owners manual, factory service manual, torque wrench with a lowwest setting of 5 lb-ft, plus standard metric sockets, a 6mm allen-key socket, and a set of loose metric allen-keys or T-handled metric allen key set (on sale right now for $3.99 at Harbor Freight).

      What you should have done:
      Everything listed for a 15k service, unless you know for a fact that the bike has gotten it's services done, plus the brake lines, brake caliper seals, brake fluid. Check the tires for age (5 year max), pads for wear, chain for stretch.

      Good luck!
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        Oh, and would you please take my screen name out of your signature?


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          You have a fan steve!!

          All those things that have been mentioned you can also keep under your seat for roadside maint if need be.

          I keep those and more under my seat..well except for the torque wrench.


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            sweet deal...the guy did the most expensive maintenance but as of now all i know is it needs an oil change so that will be the first thing on the to do list

            im buying used and im going to assume that he doesnt have the manual, but i will get a full wrtiup of all the maintenance he has done to it

            thanks for the tool tips i completely forgot about specialty tools


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              cruise ebay for a maintinance manual cost me 33 bucks with shipping a year ago
              Is Effingham a swear word?


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                well there goes my gloves fund


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                  Originally posted by stevnmd
                  Oh, and would you please take my screen name out of your signature?
                  What was in his signature?


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                    his name was in there but the past is history!

                    at least for me it is buddy

                    -keep on keepin on