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Apparently my brakes aren't good enough, needs advice

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  • Apparently my brakes aren't good enough, needs advice

    I test rode my friend's SV650 with higher handle bars and put appart the huge difference in the rider's position ( I felt like I will be thrown towards off the bike each time I used the brakes, and you are standing upright , I really didn't felt safe at all) I would also say that my brakes aren't hard enough. I really have to squish them to stop as fast as with his SV650 with 2 fingers.

    I do have newer ( used but low miles ) new rotors , installed about 100 miles ago.

    1. How long does it take for the pads to get used to the new rotors ?

    2. Could it be that the brake pads are contaminated ?

    3. I changed the brake fluid 1 year ago , it should be good, isn't it ?

    4. The brake pads have a bout 3000 miles on them , since last August, I think they still have way to go...

    5. The brakes hoses are maybe a little old but I can't feel them inflating when I use the brake. So I don't think it's that neither...

    6. Should I just go with higher friction pads ?

    7. Did I forgot anything ?

    The least I can do is to remove the pad's to see how do they look, feel like.
    Thanks for the help,


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    When was the last time that you bleed the brakes? Did you use the correct fluid? Was it fresh fluid?

    Keep in mind the Kat is a heavy bike. You may not be comparing apples to apples here.


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      Did you scuff the pads before installing the new rotors? The pads could be glazed... Also, are they the stock OEM pads? Might want to consider HH sintered pads.

      I used to use Simple Green to clean my calipers. However, I will not get Simple Green anywhere NEAR my brake pads anymore. When I first got the Mille the brakes were absolutely SICK. I then cleaned the calipers with Simple Green and then found the braking grab decreased DRAMATICALLY. The pads were REALLY close to needing to be changed anyway, so I just threw some Ferodo HH sintered pads in there. WOW... Now the brakes are SUPER sick. More so than before even.

      So, also be careful with what you use to clean your calipers..


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        If I grab a handful of brake on my Kat it'll about throw me over the front..As far as I know it's all stock. But then I haven't ridden any other bikes, so I have nothing to compare it to.
        Keep the rubber side down!


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          I changed the brake fluid about 1 year and 1/2 ago, and I think it was the correct one (as indicated on the brake cover) but I can do it again...

          I never cleaned the calipers. Should I do that ? What about using simple Brake Cleaner spray from Autozone ? It is designed to that purpose isn't it ?

          And yes I think it's the OEM pads, I should go with the HH ones ( my friend suggested the same thing ).

          Is the SV650 2001 so much lighter too ? If then this could be the reason too of course,

          Thanks for the help,



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            Yeah, the SV is a LOT lighter than a Kat.


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              Do you know which Ferodo will fit the Kat ?

              What about these ones ?




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                So ,
                I found these other ones here :

                This is what they say :

                Launched in 2002, tested and developed in the World Superbike Championship and run by several top world competitors, the XR sintered (HH) pad is a quantum leap forward in brake pad technology.

                The XR Racing pad has a beefier 4mm backing plate, higher tensile strength, less thermal bleed through to pistons, higher resistance to warping, and longer life than a standard sintered pad!

                Perfectly suited for aggressive street riding, track days, and racing!

                This is the suggested pad for use with the new Axis rotors or stainless rotors, but is NOT suggested for use with other brands of ductile (grey) iron rotors.

                So, what kind of rotors are the stock ones ? Iron or stainless ? I hope they are stainless , are they ?

                And of course there is no GSX600F in the motorcycle list (they are for racing .....). Do we use the same ones as the GSXR 600 ?


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                  HH pads will make the system run hotter.
                  Stock Rotors are steel not stainless.
                  (stainless doesn't dissipates heat as well)
                  Comparing the SV and Kat is apple to oranges.
                  Brake fluid should be changed at least every year.
                  (Suzi says a year I say twice a year.)
                  Living in the north east I changed mine at the start of the season and mid way. ($8 .. big deal)

                  My suggestions:
                  Check to see if the pads are wearing funny,
                  replace if needed.

                  If you have never rebuilt the calipers, bet the other owners didn't either.. So rebuild them.

                  Upgrade to stainless steel lines.

                  Rebuild/ upgrade the master cylinder.
                  (I think the SV has the Gixxer MC)
                  I added a gixxer MC it is 100% bolt on..

                  Flush the system and use a high grade fluid.
                  (Castrol or Honda)

                  I can stop my Kat 90% of the time with one finger.


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                    Thanks for the suggestions, I will see how much money I have for the job and that will help my decision , but I think I need a good braking system in any case !!



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                      I agree with peter on almost all points...........and would add this 2 cents worth, in order of costs to help you with your decisions:

                      Clean your existing pads while you inspect them for wear...............use only brake cleaner!.........I like the 3M brand...................$4

                      New fluid....................about $6

                      Adjustable Front Brake Lever..............$10, and put it on position "1"

                      New pads...........SBS type HH...............$about $30 a set

                      New Stainless Lines....................about $80 a set, but worth it!

                      Hope that helps! 8)

                      Oh, yeah........BTW: Most of that crap about any product, including Ferodo or any other product, is BS and is MARKETING pulp dreamed up by the spin doctors, so take it all with a grain of salt.....................

                      There is NOTHING like experience to tell you what's best................
                      I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
                      Is there such a thing as TOO MANY BIKES?
                      Can you go TOO FAST on a bike?
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                        I have a "spare" adjustable brake lever, I'll pass it
                        on for shipping only (going out of town for a few days though,
                        returning Friday)

                        I thought the adjustable lever was stock.
                        Tweeking the position can make a big difference.

                        IMO: flushing with new fluid is only a short term fix if the calipers
                        are loaded with old gummy fluid..


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                          Oh, I should mention that I didn't put Ferodo pads on the Kat. I put them on my Mille R. With 8 pads up front (yes, one per piston) there aren't a TREMENDOUS number of options out there for me. Ferodo was the best price and best availability I could find for my Brembo calipers.


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                            What all for new parts are needed for a caliper rebuild?
                            -89 Gixxer 1100 Engine
                            -Stage 3 Jet Kit / KNN Pod Filters
                            -Ohlins Susupension
                            -Various Other Mods


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                              NEW parts are:
                              Pistion seals, four per side (8 total)part #2
                              O-ring (for between the piston halves) part #4

                              Maybe new:
                              Dust seals (part 3) only if cracked or damaged.

                              Bike Bandit allows you to buy the piston seals alone.
                              Ron Ayers groups the dust seal and piston seal
                              together so over all cost is higher..